Lancer Media wins the most awards at FNP program

by Lancer Media Staff

Congratulations!  Lancer Media won the “Sweepstakes Award” for the most winning entries in the annual Frederick News-Post awards program on April 23.

Here are the awards Linganore won:

Kate Leckie Excellence in News Writing:

  • First place: Beth Barnhart and Max Mullen
  • Third place: (tie) Andrea Huston

Best Continuing Coverage:

  • Third place: Kyle McFadden

Best Feature Story:

  • Second place (tie): Kate Mannarino
  • Honorable mention (tie): Kelly Angeletti and Erin Formulak

Best Profile Story:

  • First place: Marissa de La Viez and Ross Hayek
  • Third place: (tie) Olivia Goldstein
  • Honorable mention (tie) Izzy Peterson

Best Column on an Education Subject:

  • Third place: (tie) Erin Stewart
  • Honorable mention (tie):  Hannah Jaffe, Izzy Peterson

Best Column on a State or National Subject:

  • First place: Kate Mannarino
  • Third place: (tie) Kobi Azoulay
  • Honorable mention: Hannah Jaffe

Best Column Writing — Humor:

  • Second place: Brennan Nolan
  • Third place: Olivia DuBro

Best Review of Music, TV show, or Movie:

  • First place: Ryan Stark
  • Second place (tie): Jessica Steves
  • Second place (tie): Rebecca Downs
  • Third place: Erin Formulak & Caitlin Denny

Best Sports Story:

  • Third place (tie): Kelly Angeletti
  • Honorable mention (tie) Brennan Nolan

Best Sports Feature:

  • First place: Angelica Burr
  • Second place: Kyle McFadden

Skip Lawrence Excellence in Feature Photography:

  • Third place: (tie) Julia Peigh

Best Newspaper Design:

  • Second place: AmandaTapscott
  • Third place: Kaycee Oland

Best Website:

  • Third place: Linganore High School

Best Online Storytelling:

  • First place: Isabella Marcellino
  • Second place: Brennan Nolan, Kobi Azoulay and Ryan Stark

Best Online Blog/Column:

  • First place: Olivia Goldstein

Sweepstakes Winner: 

  • Linganore High School