Alumni create a “blast from the past” with vintage prom dress display

by Olivia Goldstein, Editor

The Linganore Alumni Association has created a display in the case on “Main Street” that features dresses from Linganore proms over the years. The dresses, donated by alumni, include:

  • 1964 (pink) donated by Kaye Horr
  • 1964 (yellow) donated by Kitty Reese
  • 1965 donated by Kitty Reese
  • 1971 (purple and white flowers) donated by Anita Kent
  • 1972 donated by Anita Kent
  • 1987 (white w/pink flowers) donated by Lori Powell Mayhew
  • 1991 (blue) donated by Rhonda Cline Ballard
  • 1991 (black) donated by Kristi Jacobs Woods
  • 1992 (teal w/black overlay) donated by Kristi Jacobs Woods
  • 2010 (purple) donated by Shawna Myers (Reese’s granddaughter)
  • 2011 (red) donated by Samantha Kent

photo 2

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The case was assembled by Association President Marty Burdette and Anita Kent.

The display is a “blast from the past” and puts into perspective how much times have changed. Styles have evolved, and so has the school. It creates a sense of nostalgia for staff and alumni and presents a creative way for students to connect to the school’s history.

“This started as a question on the Alumni Association Facebook page, ‘ who still has their prom dress?’  We’d like to try to have a showcase that is relevant to the present but links to the long history of the school. We hope everyone is enjoying it,” Burdette said.

Here is an article  written in  The Lance from June 1964.

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