Michelle Weddle: Most likely to. . . care for others with two or four legs


photo courtesy of Michelle Weddle

Weddle and her alpaca Rocky won best dressed in the costume category.

by Olivia Goldstein, Editor

While many people consider man’s best friend to be the dog, rising senior Michelle Weddle’s “best friend” is an alpaca named Rocky. For three years the two have created a strong bond. Despite the long hours she puts in with Rocky, she still had time to juggle 4H, varsity field hockey, unified track and field, as well as maintaining a strong GPA. Weddle is the living definition of a student with diverse interests.

The hobby that sets Weddle apart is her involvement with the alpaca and 4H. She leases the three-year-old alpaca and together they have won several awards in costume, obstacles and showmanship categories.

She has competed at the Frederick Fair and  won first place for obstacles at her first event in the Maryland State Fair. This summer, she will spend every week training and preparing for the 2014 Frederick fair.

She is one of the school’s field hockey goalies. This position  has come with with hip problems and a concussion. Despite these setbacks, Weddle has persevered with the help of her mentor and graduate, Kate Russo.

“Michelle is a very dedicated hockey player. Since she first put the pads on she has improved immensely and she was worked hard every day in the goal to get to where she is now. She’s a great person and a fantastic goalie and friend,” Russo said.

In addition to the school team, Weddle is a part of a year round field hockey travel club, The Rebels. This summer she will be attending Limelight, a field hockey camp in Pennsylvania where college recruiters watch for talented players.

photo2 (1)
Michelle in action while playing goalie for The Rebels. 

Field hockey is just one athletic interest, this year Weddle joined the unified track and field team. She won second place in shot-put, first in the 800 meter and first in the four by four at states.

“I wasn’t concerned about winning. I just wanted to have a good time and make friends,” Weddle said.

This is the first story Lancer Media’s Summer Series: Most Likely to. . .  These feature stories highlight students who are becoming role models of Lancer Spirit.


The biggest lesson she learned from unified sports was acceptance and the importance of making friendships. Just being around positive people like Sarah Weber made the whole experience worth-while for her. Weddle said that working with her unified teammates has been her most important accomplishment this past school year.

“She was always helping the coaches and students. She’s just a lovely girl and always had a smile on her face,” assistant coach Cheryl Novotny said.

She is the vice president of her 4H division, which has taught her leadership. Her experience with unified track and field as well as caring for Rocky has influenced her career path. Though she is still undecided about where she will attend college next year, she is leaning towards teaching or physical therapy.

In her senior year, she hopes to maintain her good grades, become president of the Alpha Alpaca Club through 4H, and even though she’d like to get the field hockey team to states, she says it’s not her priority.

“It’s not just about going to and winning at states. It’s all about working together through the season and building a strong team bond.”

Next year when she walks across the stage she wants to be remembered for her ability to make friends and for being an easy person to get along with.