Teenage Heart-Throb Cody Simpson releases anticipated EP


Cody Simpson and Kate Mannarino at a meet and greet in D.C. on August 3, 2013

by Kate Mannarino, Reporter

Australian artist Cody Simpson released his much anticipated The Acoustic Sessions on November 19th, 2013.  This five-song EP, his third, covers four of his own tracks from previous albums, including “Pretty Brown Eyes,” “La Da Dee,” “All Day,” and “Wish U Were Here and then wraps up the EP with a cover of “Please Come Home For Christmas” by Charles Brown.

The almost 17-year old teen heart throb hails from the Gold Coast, Queensland, in Australia. Currently, he is signed to U.S. record label Atlantic Records.   Since being discovered at the age of 10, Simpson has not departed from his clean cut, blond surfer image; with the covers on this album it is no different.  However, the acoustic versions create the sensation of hearing the songs for the very first time.  There is a certain honest intimacy as he sings the lyrics to each song, while strumming gently on only his Ukulele or his traditional guitar.  These tunes have a mellow, organic flow too them to make this project come together.

The EP opens with “Pretty Brown Eyes,” which was originally an up-tempo and cheerful tune, but is converted into a mellow, almost sentimental ballad.  When “Pretty Brown Eyes” was first released, this version was a huge success with sky rocketing sales and over 14 million views on YouTube. The new version is close enough to the original, yet different enough to make it an intriguing song that will likely have similar success.

“La Da Dee” and “Wish U Were Here,” while slowed down, are reminiscent of the originals. For Simpson fans, his mellow voice, which is crystal clear on this album, still draws in the listener. We can hear every breath as he glides easily to hit both high and low notes.

“All Day,” the last of his tracks covering his own songs, was originally released on his first EP.  He was 13 on the original version, so The Acoustic Sessions version presents the song in an entirely new light.  His voice goes from be-bop years ago to smooth and sexy today.  Fans will melt listening to the grown up Simpson.

Wrapping up The Acoustics Sessions is “Please Come Home for Christmas” done in a slowed down, blues type version.  Though unusual to include one holiday classic on an EP, Simpson is coming into his own as a master marketer.   “I thought it was just a beautiful concept and something I could relate to, being into this girl in the States and going home for Christmas when the only thing I want to do is be with this girl on Christmas,” Simpson says, in USA Today.

The EP released just before Thanksgiving, leaving fans yearning for a future full length holiday album. The EP debuts with a short tour throughout the USA and Canada during the month of January which kicks off on his birthday January 11, Simpson will also be returning to the DC area on January 22 which I will be meeting him again, be jealous.