Top ten viral YouTube videos of 2012

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10- Bang (Original) – This cute and funny video was recorded by the little baby boy’s mom. She had a gun app and when the baby boy heard the noise he put his arm up and fell back like he was dead. The video was about 5 seconds but it went viral fast. This video might be cute and funny but it shows bad parenting. Why would you show your baby how to die and then put it on YouTube for the world to see? I guess people like those types of videos because it has over 10,000 views. (

9-German man slips and falls on ice– In this video the man thought that the pool in his backyard was full of water. But what his friend that is shooting the video knows that the water in the pool is frozen. So the man starts to cannon ball into the pool and he slips and falls on the ice. This video is very funny but it is very dangerous. This video got 1,000,000 views. (

8- The US Marines “Call Me Maybe” cover- The US Marines made a cover to the hit single of the summer “Call me maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen. There are many other videos of people doing covers to this song, but the US Marine’s cover had the most hits. They did not get in trouble, it was just for fun since they are always out at war. So to get their minds off of everything going on around them, they made this video. It got 3,000,000 views. (

7- Man plays the piano with bouncy balls-This talented man plays the piano with more than two bouncy balls. Everyone was amazed by it. He would drop the bouncy balls on the keys one at a time. He had to have really good eye coordination to do this. People didn’t know how he did it. Some people thought it was fake but it wasn’t. It was a cool way to play the piano. This amazing video has over 1,000,000 views. (

6-Ohio State marching band video game halftime show-It was a 15 minute video. The routine was the students in the band forming into shapes of characters from different video games, for instance they made Pac man, Mario, Pokémon and many more. It must have taken a lot of time to put together, but the result was fantastic and everyone was amazed by it. This video has about 1,000,000 views.  (

5- Extremely scary ghost elevator prank in Brazil- The prank was to put people in an elevator and all of a sudden the lights went out and a girl dressed up as a creepy ghost came out of a side door and stood there. Then the lights come back on and the people see her and start freaking out, the lights go back off and she leaves and then the lights come back on and see is gone. They do that to about 20 people. It was the funniest prank on YouTube, in my opinion. This video has about 56,000,000 views. (

4-“Somebody That I Used To Know” cover- The song “Somebody that I used to know” was written by Gotye. “5 People, 1 Guitar” made a cover to this song. What they did was each person played a different part of the guitar at once and they would sing. It was amazing!  It was the most viewed cover song of 2012. It attracted 140 million views this year. They also did another video covering the song “What Makes You Beautiful” from One Direction, but instead of using the guitar they used a piano. That video got over 15 million views. ( (

3-Kony 2012-This video went viral and was discredited almost as quickly. It was a short film created by Invisible Children, Inc, released on March 5, 2012. The film’s purpose was to promote the charity’s “Stop Kony” movement to make Ugandan cult and militia leader, indicated war criminal and the International Criminal Court fugitive Joseph Kony globally known in order to have him arrested by the end of 2012, when the campaign expired. In October 2012 it had over 94 million views on YouTube and 16.6 million views on Vimeo. It was among the top international events of 2012. There was even more publicity about why the movement wouldn’t work.   (

2- Gangman Style-This song went viral in August 2012. “Gangman Style” is a pop single by the South Korean musician Psy. The song was released in July 2012 as the lead single of his sixth studio album Psy 6 Part 1. It has become the first video in the history of the internet to be viewed more than a billion times.   (

1-Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic free fall from space- On October 14, 2012 at 10:20 am Felix Baumgartner (43) was the first person to free fall from space. He jumped from 120,000 feet outside the stratosphere. His crew made sure that they went through many procedures before Baumgartner went into space. This video has had over 54,000,000 views.  (

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