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Instead of daydreaming IN class, dream ABOUT class

Erin Stewart daydreams about a kick boxing class.

Erin Stewart daydreams about a kick boxing class.

Erin Stewart daydreams about a kick boxing class.

by Phoebe Kolesar, Reporter

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Wouldn’t it be exciting to see your Spring schedule loaded with fun electives like space class and kickboxing? Everyone would love coming to school. The thing is, you’re required to include all of the rudimentary classes such as English, math, history, and science. And when it comes to electives, your choices are pretty run-of-the-mill.

For example, like most high schools, FCPS offers art, photography, horticulture, culinary, wood-shop ect…. While they are all great classes, some students want more motivation to roll our of bed in the morning.

Imagine how refreshing it would be to see electives offered such as yoga or Pilates for those who are not into strength training, yet still want to exercise, or even a home improvement/DIY (do it yourself) class for those who have a creative craving but want more “hands on” projects than drawing and painting and photography offer.

Is it even necessary to add more “fun” classes to an already academically-challenging schedule? Could it take away focus from AP classes? An article from the New York Times published in October reported, “Letting people learn what they love rather than dictating what they should be learning creates a more positive learning environment.” This has the potential to benefit grades in core classes because students would come to school eager to participate in activities and could be more motivated to get through the day.

According to the NYT, Cardio fitness, advanced Java programming and Mandarin are just a few of the classes introduced at Briarcliff High (NY) as well as Westchester High (CA) as less-stressful alternatives to high-powered A.P. courses and also as a tool to keep seniors interested in school.

In the same article, Kevin Scanlon is the principal at Roslyn High School on Long Island, NY and discovered that after adding nine new electives to their academic menu such as sports and entertainment marketing and investments, said that the courses have raised grade-point averages because students “tend not to skip electives.”

The positive correlation of introducing new interests to the student body and raising grades could very well happen at any high school, including ours.

We asked some students around Linagnore what their “dream classes” would be and these were their replies.

 DIY/PINTREST CLASS – Pintrest is a popular website where users share and save DIY ideas. A type of art class with more “hands on” projects ranging from accessories to home décor to useful household items. Teaches students to be innovative and creative.

FORENSIC SCIENCE – (offered in nearby Howard County) – Forensic science describes the science of linking people, places, and things that are involved in criminal activity. Students can learn the basics of this career like analyzing evidence and fingerprints.

KICKBOXING – A P.E. class, kick boxing is offered in many YMCA’s and gyms around the country. Kickboxing is an efficient work out and builds muscle just like those in strength training.

FASHION CLASS (is offered but has not been run recently) – From fashion design to sewing and stitching, students can learn about the fashion industry and what it takes to pursue a career. Also, you can learn about the recent trends and how to keep up with them.

SPACE CLASS – Students can learn about the physics of gravity, the solar system, NASA history, and maybe even space-preparation.

YOGA/PILATES – Another P.E. class students can take without the use of expensive machinery complete with soothing music and it can also be a useful way to de-stress from those AP classes.

COLLEGE PREP – Could be offered to sophomores and juniors who want to learn more about the application process and choosing the right college. Also info and opportunities for scholarships and interview practices. Could also include tips for living away from home like how to avoid just living off Ramen Noodles and Easy Mac.

SURVIVAL SKILLS CLASS – Learn the history of how people had to live without our world of technology- or what would happen if there was an apocalypse. How to survive with basic supplies in an array of environments. Final project idea: Stay a weekend in the woods.

ENTREPRENEUR CLASS –  Learn what it takes to get your own patent and create something totally of your own and advertise it to the student body. (Bring back elementary school’s “business day”

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Instead of daydreaming IN class, dream ABOUT class