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The student news site of Linganore High School

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The student news site of Linganore High School

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An example of a student assignment with only the name written. If the new FCPS policy were to pass, students could do this and receive half credit.

“A slap to the face”: Teachers resist proposed FCPS grading policy

by Emily Rice, Managing Editor January 10, 2023

Imagine studying for hours on end for the biggest test of the semester. The test begins, and you immediately start scribbling down your answers. The time ticks down and students turn in their tests until...

A graphic shows an edited depiction of Shakespeare alongside the text Is Shakespeare worth teaching?

Should Shakespeare take a step back from the spotlight?

by Izabella Manning, Editor January 6, 2023

“O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” These words have been droned into English students' heads countless times for decades. In fact, “Romeo and Juliet” has become such a prominent play...

New English course offers sophomores a challenge

New English course offers sophomores a challenge

by Ruby Cerny and Cullen Vogel January 28, 2020

In 2020-2021, sophomores have the option to take a new English course. The course combines both 10th and 11th grade English to be one year-long course. Though this course is open to any and all, some high...

Yours, Mine and Ours: Holiday traditions passed through generations

Yours, Mine and Ours: Holiday traditions passed through generations

by Caroline Hobson, Ruby Cerny, and Emily Lotito December 17, 2019

When most people imagine a classic winter holiday, they see nativity sets, Christmas trees, and carolers. If not that, they see menorahs, driedels, and lakes. Of course, this is not the case for every...

Juror 3 (Alex Kullgren) and Juror 4 (Haley Lewis) talk about the case.

Lake’s English class performs 12 Angry Men: Photo of the Day 11/22/19

by Grace Truedson, Reporter November 22, 2019

On Monday, November 18, Mr. Dan Lake's fourth period English 9 class started their performance of the play 12 Angry Men. When Lake announced that the class was going to perform, everyone was thrilled to...

Natalie Rebetsky, Mason Eddins, Katelyn Lynch, Alexis Keeling, Katie Lehman, and Beau Cameron work on their bullet journals.

Creative writing class turns the page to bullet journaling

by Elizabeth Anderson, Watermark Editor September 20, 2018

On September 13, the creative writing class learned how to bullet journal as their warm-up activity for class. The goal was to try a new way to organize thoughts and brainstorm while writing. Bullet...

A screenshot from SenGram diagramming app.

Sentence diagramming: In everyone’s dreams, some nightmares and others fantasies

by Brandon Neuman and Renata Farrell January 21, 2018

Sentence diagramming is a way to organize your sentence as a picture. It graphs words of the sentence to demonstrate types of words and parts of speech and functions. It can be used to create better and...

Troxel instructs her third period English 12 class.

Bibliophile Troxel transfers from Windsor Knolls

by Beau Cameron, Editor-in-Chief October 10, 2017

Ms. Mary Troxel is teaching 9th and 12th grade English during her first year at LHS. Previously a teacher at Windsor Knoll's Middle School, Troxel transferred because she enjoys teaching novels and...

Colleen Avila receives the platinum award for maintaining a 4.0 GPA through out all of high school.

Students receive awards for their achievement during the school year: Photo of the Day 6/1/16

by Grace Weaver, Editor June 1, 2016

Every year, students gather in the gymnasium to receive awards for their achievement through out the school year. Parents were invited to join in the ceremony to take pictures and celebrate the achievements...

He, She, We….Ze?

by Olivia DuBro, Editor-In-Chief December 11, 2015

Just as Americans are beginning to accept same-sex marriages, the LGBT community pushes for more--and it's intrusion on sacred ground: Grammar. The LGBT community and its allies have introduced the...

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