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Vaping, the deadly truth and what you really need to know

The mango Juul pod is just one of many flavors that attract teens to danger vapinng addiction.

by Caroline Hobson, Reporter

September 26, 2019

In April of 2019 the Maryland State Senate passed a bill to raise the smoking age to 21 in the state in hopes to diminish the link between teens and vaping. The law will go into effect starting October 1. This law will prevent minors from buying e-cigarettes, vapes, Juuls, and other tobacco products, but...

Seniors acknowledged for accomplishments at Senior Salute: Photo of the Day 6/1/19

Seniors were recognized for their achievements through high school.

by Madeline Hull and Emily Watson

June 1, 2019

On May 28, the class of 2019 was recognized for their achievements at the annual Senior Salute. The graduation band set the mood with “Patriots on Parade” and “Pomp and Circumstance.” The band was then followed by Class of 2019 president Shay Arneson who welcomed to the audience. Ryan ...

Men’s basketball announces O’Connor new head coach: Photo of the Day 4/30/18

Coach Chris O'Connor delivers a speech after being introduced as the new head of the basketball program.

by Jacob Bolger, Editor

April 30, 2018

On April 30th, 2018, a school-wide announcement notified all students and staff that there was a change to the Linganore Basketball team coaching staff, inviting anyone interested to attend a meeting in the gym during PREP.  Assistant football coach Chris O'Connor will be head basketball coach. At...

Jackson Ambush plows through the football field

Jackson Ambush, 43, blocks for teammate Zamarre Snowden.

by Brandon Cooper, Reporter

June 9, 2017

Class of 2019 member Jackson Ambush is a star on the field and in the classroom. Jackson has two touchdowns and over 150 yards of rushing this year as a fullback for the varsity football team, but his athletic ability on the field doesn't hinder his ability to be a star in the classroom. Suffering ...

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