What Super Bowl ad was the best?

by Eddie Salvin, Reporter

Advertisements are detestable, and I think most people can agree. Ads interrupt streaming and TV, and they just interrupt life in general.

Yet, every year, there is one day on which ads are celebrated, and that day is Super Bowl Sunday.

To provide some context, the Super Bowl is the championship game of the National Football League, and this year the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Philadelphia Eagles by a call from the referees that allowed the Chiefs to score a field goal, winning 38-35.

It was an incredibly close game, but one question remains unanswered, why do advertisers go all out on Super Bowl advertisements?

It has to do with the Super Bowl’s popularity. Nearly everyone tunes in to watch the game, meaning any ads that are aired are seen by millions of people. 

Because of this, companies go all out for Super Bowl ads. Some famous examples include Apple’s “1984” commercial for the Macintosh;  MTN DEW’s “Puppy Monkey Baby” and Planters killing off their mascot, Mr. Peanut, to revive him as “Baby Nut” during the Super Bowl.

This year, the contender for best ad was a close decision. Out of all the ads, three stood above the rest.

The top three ads were Uber One’s “One Hit For Uber One,” where famous singers morph some of the top songs of all time to become a jingle for Uber’s new service. The next best is the PopCorners Breaking Bad commercial, which featured some of the actors of Breaking Bad creating PopCorners chips.

By far the best ad aired would be the Workday “Real Rock Star” ad. It was not only funny, but it featured rock and roll legends such as Ozzy Osbourne . It is always fun seeing people you adore in ads.

To briefly summarize the ad, Paul Stanley from Kiss, Joan Jett, Billy Idol, Gary Clark Jr. and the dark prince of rock and roll himself, Ozzy Osbourne, all mock corporate workers who call each other “rock stars” because they use the financial program Workday to make their jobs easier and grow their businesses.

By far, the best part of the ad is a quick skit in which two coworkers ask who the new guy is at their place of work. When Osbourne turns around, he says, “Hi, I’m Ozwald.” 

This ad was most enjoyable because of not only the humor, but seeing artists you like is always fun. While seeing Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston and Raymond Cruz return as Jesse, Walter and Tuco, respectively, in the PopCorners ad was very exciting, seeing Stanley and Osbourne took the cake for my favorite moment during the Super Bowl.

Osbourne’s recent announcement of no future tours and the cancellation of his current tour due to pain from old age also adds some emotion and irony, as the advertisement is all about being a actual rockstars, but Osbournes days of touring are over

Overall, this year’s Super Bowl aired some pretty good ads, and the game itself was very entertaining. Hopefully, next year’s ads will be just as enjoyable.