Firebirds Wood Fired Grill brings a ‘fire’ new restaurant to Frederick


Evie Breck

The outside of Firebirds, lights up the streets of Frederick.

by Chase Breck, Reporter

Firebirds is a new restaurant in Frederick that opened on December 12, and it has already attracted a lot of attention and excitement from patrons of the Montgomery County location and new customers alike.

When one walks into Firebirds, they are met with a very pleasant ambiance created by nice lighting and quiet chatter. The restaurant’s pleasant aesthetic is furthered by the abstract artwork featured on its walls, the bar’s display of ceiling-high bottles and the visible kitchen seen as soon as you walk in.

Firebirds offers a wide range of food including steak, chicken, ribs, salads, burgers and fish. 

The smells of seared steak and seafood create a pleasant smell in the air and make your mouth water. Wherever you are in the restaurant, you can always hear the sizzle of chicken or steak being grilled. 

The service at Firebirds is excellent. When we sat down, my party of 10 was greeted with not one but two servers. The servers were wonderful at their job and everyone’s order was correct when received.

They servers both constantly checked up on our tables, making sure everything was okay and filling up our waters. At the end of our meal, they brought us hot towels to clean our hands–a unique and wonderful addition to their service.  

A statue of the Firebirds logo is displayed outside near the outdoor seating area. (Evie Breck)

If there is one complaint I have, it is that the servers did not know the whole menu. There were multiple times where they had to check their sheet to see the various meals’ ingredients and what meals were available.

However, it is important to recognize that this is likely due to the fact the restaurant just recently opened. I feel that within a couple weeks the problem will be fixed. 

The wait for the food was a bit long, but this was largely due to our 10-person party and the fact that we went during the restaurant’s opening week. 

With the vast variety of food that Firebirds has to offer, there will be something to appeal to everyone. Their most popular appetizer is the lobster queso, which is served with chips. A guest described it as “creamy and delicious,”and “The best lobster dip I’ve had in a long time.”

I ordered the Cajun steak for my meal, and it was great. It was a chile-crusted ribeye cooked to perfection and topped with cajun butter. It was not too spicy, and the steak was very easy to eat. 

Linganore student Mattingly Breck attended the restaurant and ordered the honey garlic chicken.

“I was very excited to munch on my chicken, and it definitely met my expectations. It was so juicy, and the honey garlic glaze blew me away,” said Breck.

Windsor Knolls student Evie Breck also enjoyed her food saying, “The Salmon was also amazing, it’s the best I have had in a while.”

Firebirds is on the expensive end; the average cost for an entree is approximately $30, but it is well worth the money. It was one of the best meals I have had in recent memory. 

If there is ever an opportunity to go to Firebirds, I really recommend it. It may be a little expensive, but you get great food and great service. I would recommend ordering a steak, as it is their specialty.     

Firebirds can be found at 5201 Buckeystown Pike. If you want to make a reservation you can call them at 301-850-0077 or place it online through their website.