Lancer Spotlight 5/31/23: Peterson’s prep wins it in a minute!


Peterson’s prep class winning the final round of the challenges.

by Rhys Wilson, Reporter

In the last two weeks of the school year, Jennifer Brennan, Special Education teacher at Linganore, decided to host a Minute to Win It challenge that would include all Prep classes who were willing to participate.

Many Prep classes joined together to compete in three different events that had difficult Minute to Win It challenges that tested the students ability to work together to win.

Brennan decided to host the event because she wanted a way to give everyone a little enjoyment for the end of the year.

“It’s just a way to get everybody active, socializing [and] just enjoying school in the last two weeks,”  Brennan said.

Brennan is all about wellness for students and staff at the school, and she really wants to introduce different ways to have fun in the building.

Minute to Win It challenges are random minigames that involve people working together in strange ways to complete a goal in under 60 seconds. An example of one of these games is the Hula Hoop Snake Race in which students have to hold hands together to form a line. Without breaking the chain, the students have to move a hula hoop over themselves to the next person, eventually getting it to reach the end of the line where the challenge is complete. 

Two students from Peterson’s prep class participating in one of the minute to win it challenges.

Damian Knutson, a participant in the Minute to Win It challenges this year, said that their favorite game was the balloon challenge. This challenge included players hauling the balloons high in the air to reach above the tallest players head. Using a blanket to hold the balloons, they had to try to keep as many balloons inside of the blanket as possible when they fell back down, without letting go of the cloth. 

Most of the students who participated in this event can agree that it was a really fun idea to have as a closing to the school year. It was a chance to get away for a moment and just have fun with the people around them in a wacky way.

“It was really fun, and I got to hang out with my friends and play fun games,” said freshman Alex Pietanza who participated in a few of the Minute to Win It challenges.

This event will be happening again at the start of next school year during the fall, as a way to kick off the school year in a fresh, fun way. There is going to be new challenges, and anyone can stop by to watch.