Treasure or trash: How good is Outer Banks season 3?


A scene from the third season of Outer Banks as the cast sits at their usual hang out in the show.

by Nate Reinfurt, Reporter

Outer Banks season 3 was released on February 23, and fans all around the world have mixed feelings about whether or not the new season was worth the hype.

Some fans say it is good, while others say they do not want another season. I personally enjoyed the series a lot, but after this season, I am unsure how to feel. 

Starting off, it was difficult for me to understand the plot. Most of the characters bothered me this season, and I could not even continue to watch the last episode. It definitely was not my favorite, and I wish they did a better job writing the season. To me, it seems like it was thrown together and not thought out thoroughly. 

One thing that felt uneasy about the new season were co-stars Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes. The pair were in a real-life relationship during past seasons but broke up before season three began filming. This made some moments uncomfortable during the season.

It does not help that the storytelling this season was absolutely terrible: from reviving a dead character whose death created the original plot, waiting until the very end of the season to reveal the deaths of two characters already long-believed dead, and adding characters who had no connection to the plot prior to their introduction. 

One final thing that made me want to stop watching came at the beginning of the season; it did not engage me, and I think that set the tone for the rest of the time I watched the show.

I understand why the show has been really successful to begin with: it targets teens who are interested in teen drama. But, I feel that teens who like those kinds of shows also felt disappointed by this season as a whole.

Junior David Parker expressed that he did not like the new season at all.

“I felt there were no positives and just all negatives. Everything just felt off. I would not recommend anyone to watch this unless they love dealing with the cringe,” said Parker.

Parker explained that after the first episode, he could tell he was not going to enjoy watching the newest season.

Junior Noah King had a similar sentiment even prior to the release of the third season. He felt the series had run its course and having additional seasons was unnecessary.

“I feel like it [“Outer Banks”] had already reached its peak, and there shouldn’t have been another season, but I’m not the director,” King said.

Junior Raymond Windsor also had a similar sentiment as well. “I don’t why its still on, I just want to never hear of it again,” said Windsor.

Overall, this season was not the best. Despite this, the show has already been renewed for a fourth season. Fans hope that they will be more pleased with the coming season than the last.