Batman review: Is he getting old? The trilogy needs a refresh

by Lizzy Miller, reporter

There are so many Batman movies and books out in the public, and the number just keeps on growing. The newest addition is The Batman directed by Matt Reeves. Robert Pattinson plays the iconic role of Bruce Wayne and his co-star Zoe Cravitz plays Selina Kyle, otherwise known as Catwoman. Their dynamic is passionate from the moment they step onto the screen. 

With steamy looks and small touches, the audience can see the hinted romance, even if barely anything comes of it.  Catwoman says, “The Bat and the Cat, it has a nice ring to it.” And audiences certainly agree with her. 

This movie is very much a 70’s detective vibe with its active investigations, type of dialogue, and Bruce Wayne’s knowledge to be able to solve the constant riddles. One of the main roles James Gordon played by Jeffery Wright, is Commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department, and he gets Batman on the scene of many crimes and is always at Batman’s side helping him with the case.

Ironically enough, Wayne’s alter ego is rarely ever called Batman. Instead he primarily goes by Vengeance. Aspects from all prior Batman films are present in the movie: the trusty butler Alfred, the Batmobile, the rugged suit, and the destroyed city of Gotham. There is even a small scene with the Joker, one of DC’s comics most famous villains. 

The main villain of this movie is the Riddler, a psychotic man who tells riddles and puzzles to give clues to who the Batman really is, and where all of the corruption in Gotham stems from. Jim Carrey played the Riddler in Batman Forever (1995).

“He was more of a jokester. He wasn’t a riddler. And this one actually left riddles and I appreciate that, “sophomore Thomas Burton said. 

Using technology, the Riddler uses videos and Facetime videos to threaten and leave clues as to who he is and the reasons for his actions. Paul Dano plays this role and really shows just how psycho he can be. He is always yelling. 

Most people’s problem with the Riddler doesn’t have to do with anything about the character. The Riddler seems to be such a random guy, someone who had nothing to do with the city up until his capture. There’s just not enough backstory to make him an interesting double identity.  

With the way she walks and moves, it’s obvious that Zoe Cravitz’s Catwoman is just as sexualized as prior Catwomen. Her tight clothes and with the way she moves, it bugs me that she is also not a multi-dimensional character. Will Catwoman ever get her own live-action movie? 

Now what about the movie itself? Wayne is already two years deep into the vigilante lifestyle by the time the movie starts. The people of Gotham are rioting and stealing on Halloween night, but that isn’t the only thing sinister going on. The city is in the thick of an election for a new mayor, but before the election comes, the current mayor gets brutally killed in his own home. 

Who did it? Why? How? All of these questions are what Batman is trying to figure out. What becomes uncovered while he looks for these answers? With well-known villains like Penguin and Falcone, it touches those who have watched the old movies and the old comics. All of the figureheads in the city are slowly being killed off by the Riddler, always with a message of ‘no more lies.’

“It’s hard to place the big climax really. There’s no downfall because it’s all just kind of climbing up but eventually just stops like it falls off of a cliff instead of an arch,” Burton said about the plot. 

Compared to the other Batman movies, where does this rank? With around 10 movies with Batman as the lead, and over 20 more with him as a character in it, there are sure to be preferences.

“On a scale from one to ten I’d give it the 8 spot. I don’t want to give it a 7 because I think that’s lame, but 8 is bold enough and I think this movie did something new and I think in a good way and I want to give it points.” Burton said.

So, overall this movie did something new with this classic character. With the addition of modern technology and the use of classic lines of dialogue, it can appeal to everyone. But most of all, the people are excited where this movie is going and what is in store for Robert Pattinson’s Batman.