Crumbl Cookie in Frederick is a big hit

by Ashton Uzarowski, Reporter

Crumbl Cookie in Frederick is a big hit!

The new Crumbl Cookie in Frederick has lines going around the block. The new cookie flavors every week have been booming with business ever since they opened. Their hours Monday through Thursday are 8am to 10pm, while Friday and Saturday are 8am to midnight.

The average size of the cookies is about 4 inches, or the size of your palm. They often take fan recommendations to provide the 4 new flavors each week!

New Crumbl Cookie location at 200 Shorebird St Unit B, Frederick, Maryland. (Natalie Ann Rebetsky)

“The cinnamon toast crunch is my favorite because it’s my favorite cereal,” said Leslie Zampier. 

Two cousins named Jason McgGowan and CEO Sawyer Hemsley wanted to open a bakery and dive right into the world of baking. 

It might be more expensive than others, but they are worth it because of the size and cake-like consistency.  

The location is still hiring new employees. 

The cookies come in four sizes. A single cookie box is $4.59. A four-pack box of cookies for $15.93. A six-pack box for $22.41. Finally, they offer a party box containing twelve cookies for $39.46.

Crumbl Cookie offers to sizes when ordering catering. (Brayden Gregory )Crumbl Cookie also offers catering for for special events, including gender reveal cookies. You can buy these cookies in orders ranging from a minimum of 50 cookies to a maximum of 500 cookies. The chocolate chip cookies are ordered in increments of ten while the other cookies start at increments of 100 but then move to increments of ten after the first 100 cookies are ordered.

Crumbl Cookie is like the Starbucks of cookies.

Week of March 21-26 2022. Chocolate chip, frosted oatmeal, key lime pie, and peanut butter featuring snickers crumble. (Nick Killway)

Victoria Benson is an English teacher at LHS. She was out for dinner when she heard about Crumbl Cookie and went to try it out.  Benson made a mobile order because there were lines outside of the door. Benson’s favorite kind of cookie was the Oreo cookie.  

Nick Killway went to the Crumbl Cookie and did not like the cookie. Killway stated that they were to sweet and bland.