Morning Announcements: February 1, 2022

by Staff

Tuesday February 01, 2022 

**February is Black History Month. In 1915 a gathering of African Americans observing the 50th  anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation was held in the city of Chicago. From this event  that drew thousands of black Americans from across the country, grew what is today  designated as Black History Month. A young black scholar, Carter G. Woodson, was one of the  participants at the Chicago event. Woodson traveled from Washington, D.C. to Chicago to  participate as an exhibitor in the observance. Having received a doctorate degree from  Harvard University just a few years before, Woodson championed the promotion of black  intellectuals and black history. At the conclusion of the Chicago gathering, Carter G. Woodson  joined with two other participants of the event in creating an organization committed to  promoting the achievements of blacks and highlighting their scholarly works. In 1925 Woodson  encouraged the organization to take up the mantle of not only creating the knowledge of the  black past, but also of publicizing this knowledge. This organization would begin what we know  today as Black History Week, now Month. 

Woodson chose February because of the birthdays of two great Americans who played a  prominent role in shaping black history, Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass. Many  communities across the country already celebrated the birthdays of both men. Woodson hoped  to expand on these traditional observances. Ultimately, his goal was to move away from the  celebration of individuals and instead focus on the entirety of the black community and all the  individuals within it that contributed to its advancements. Today Woodson’s association still  serves in its capacity to promote the history and achievements of Black/African Americans. As  the organizer of the national observance of Black History Month, the ASNLH holds annual  commemorative events, sets a theme each year for the February observance, and provides  educational resources to the public, making Carter G. Woodson’s vision a reality. This year’s  theme for Black History Month is “Black Health and Wellness.” 

**Members of the Science National Honor Society are reminded that their  membership dues & senior graduation cord fees are due. Use School Cash Online  to make your payment. 

**Congratulations to Savannah Presson who received an honorable mention for  her 6-piece art portfolio from the Regional Scholastics Art awards. In addition,  she received a Gold Key for her drawing Aletheia & an honorable mention for her  drawing Anisychia.