The 48th annual Linganore community show shows up previous years

by Izabella Manning, Reporter

On October 12, Linganore held its 48th annual community show. Different creations from students and staff were displayed in the gym. Animals for a mini petting zoo were brought in, hay bail rides were offered and kids came in to absorb all of the fun! But what kind of creations were there?

All community show entries displayed individual skills and accomplishments. This means there are a variety of divisions for participants to enter.

First is the art division. Many of these entries are made from students’ art classes, but some are made personally. Various art classes at Linganore created potential entries. These include Art 1-AP, Ceramics, Computer Graphics, Photography, and Jewelry and Sculpture!

Other popular entry categories were horticulture, where students make floral arrangements; baking, where people make numerous baked goods; and grown foods.

Last but not least, one of the main attractions were the pets entrants brought in, traditionally bunnies and horses.

All of the entries into the community show could potentially earn one of four different ribbons: second place, first place, reserve grand champion and grand champion.

There were too many fantastic entries to share everything, but this photo gallery will display many of the highlights!