Lancer Spotlight 9/15/22: Unified Tennis season swings into action


Jp Lyons

Joel Martin warms up his serve before practice

by JP Lyons

The Unified Tennis season began on September 14 as the team traveled to Walkersville High School for evaluations.

The team was evaluated on their skills yesterday in order for the county to create fair yet fun matches for everyone. Players were asked to hit a forehand shot, a backhand shot,  a screen and a volley. This is all in preparation for the first matches of the season.

Unified Tennis is a sport that pairs students with disabilities and those without disabilities to help promote inclusion through sport. The head coach of the Lancers team is Jennie Wheat.

Junior Joel Martin, a member of the unified tennis team, said, “I’m looking forward to not only our first match but also having the opportunity to help kids feel accepted.”

Throughout the season, the LHS team will play other teams within the county including Tuscarora, Frederick and Oakdale high schools. The unified tennis team’s first match is at home on September 19 against Oakdale.

Tennis is not the only unified sport that Linganore participates in. The school has a bocce ball team in the winter as well as a unified track team in the spring.

All students are encouraged to participate in unified sports in either the fall or spring. It is not only fun but a great way to get involved with the school.