Lancer Spotlight 5/6/22: Class of 2022 receives senior t-shirts

by Marissa Depalma, Reporter

On May 5, the Class of 2022 shirts were available for pick up for students who ordered them. Extra shirts were for sale for $15.00 Thursday and Friday during that time as well.

The front of the class of 2022 senior shirt. (Marissa DePalma)
Back of senior t-shirt that includes every name of the 2022 class.

President Mathew Coffey and officers Ashley Hollar, Emma Watkins, and Madi Drury designed the t-shirt.

The t-shirt says “Linganore 2022” on the front and “Linganore class of 22” and every senior’s name is listed on the back.

“We just wanted to keep it simple and decided to do¬† Scrabble letters because it made the shirt pop more,” said Hollar.

“Then we made the back with the names on it because it reminded us of the t-shirts we got in elementary school with our names in the numbers when we were leaving the school,” she said.