Lancer Spotlight 3/9/22: Floriculture students sell wedding services


Caroline Hobson

Timmy Strusberger, Allie Kuehner and Cameron Logan display their floral business, “Best Buds.”

by Belen Romero, Reporter

On March 9, eight floriculture teams persuaded teacher judges to buy their florist wedding services. These teams were divided into 2-4 people. Each team said that they enjoyed this project because they liked working with one another and enjoyed bringing their ideas to life.

The downside of the project is the realization that a lot of organization goes into making a business. Most groups said time management was hard and coordination with each other was, too. 

Each team had to make a display board with a name for their shop, a business card and a sampling of fresh flower arrangement including a boutonniere, pin-on corsage, wrist corsage, hand tied bouquet, fresh bridal bouquet in holder to throw, reception table center piece or alter arrangement, pew bow, pew clip fresh arrangement, and flower girl headpiece. 

Four teachers volunteered to judge. They include Georgia Geisser, Racheal Easterday, Pat Beachy, and Natalie Rebetsky. Art teacher Geisser said she looks forward to volunteering. “I love flowers and like to see what others are doing.”

Mrs Rachel Easterday talks to the “Bee’s Bouquet” business. (Natalie Rebetsky)

One part of the project was to research the history and traditions of weddings. One tradition is called “The rice toss”. Throwing rice symbolizes a life of prosperity and fruitfulness for the just married couple. Men didn’t marry because of love but because of the “guarantee that a man’s children were truly his biological heirs.”

Each team needed a name for their shop. One of the team’s shop name was “My Little Peony”. This name was chosen because one of the team members’ favorite flowers are peony flowers.

There was also another group that got very creative with their name. This group included Yessenia Contreras, Lily Caton and Jessica Saylor. Their shop name was “Say Yes to Lily’s”. They came up with this name by using their own names and last names. “Say” stands for Jessica Saylor three first letters of her last name . “Yes” is the first three letters to Yessenia Contreras name and Lily is Lily Caton first name and a flower that is used in many weddings. Their shops name wasn’t the only thing that was creative they hand colored the letters they used for their board.

This is a sample flower girl bouquet. (Natalie Rebetsky)