Lancer Spotlight 2/9/22: Academic team wins after a tight match with Catoctin and Tuscarora


Courtesy of Principal Mrs. Cindy Hanlon

The scores at the end of the competition.

by Seth Moses and Ashton Uzarowski

 On February 4 the Academic Team won their fourth competition at Frederick High School with a lead of 13 points. Tuscarora won second with 10 points and Catoctin came in third with 5 points.   

 Principal Cindy Hanlon said on Twitter, “[it was]A back and forth match, but Lancers were victorious!”

There are five rounds in a competition. The first is randomized. No team knows what the questions could be on. The second round is school specific, meaning no other school can buzz in and try to steal the points. Third round is five math questions and five random questions. The fourth round is an announced category.

For this competition, the category was Black writers and artists.

“She won the 1993 Pulitzer…” Patricia Moses buzzed in and answered “Toni Morisson” which was correct. 

The final round is twenty randomized questions that the judges choose to ask.

One question that was asked was “What is the pet that’s a secret agent in the TV show Phineas and Ferb?” The obvious answer is Perry the Platypus. 

Freshman Patricia Moses specializes in pop culture and religious questions. 

“I thought that some of the questions were exactly what I had practiced but others were complete outliers and left me lost. The categories had questions where some were really complicated that made me surprised someone even knew the answer,” Moses said. 

“When we won I was really happy for our team and thought that without everyone actively participating we may not have come out there and won,” said Moses.

Chris Hahn is the advisor.  There are approximately 20 team members. The Academic team competes again on February 11 at Frederick High School.