Lancer Spotlight 2/14/22: True crime and murder–Law and Criminal Justice Club begins at LHS


Lizzy Miller

Mrs. Jamie Hendi presents information about The Golden State Killer to the club.

by Lizzy Miller and Belen Romero

The Golden State Killer has gone by many names over the years, such as the East Area Rapist and the Original Nightstalker. He broke into homes, stole, threatened, and raped the victims even before his killing spree. His last crime was committed in 1986, though he was not caught until 2018, over 32 years later.

It’s these kinds of cases and stories that drive students to join the Law and Criminal Justice club, a new club whose advisor is history teacher  Mrs. Jamie Hendi.

“I created the club because I love true crime. I love criminal justice stuff, and I just love talking with people about it,” Hendi said.

With a background in law and criminal justice, Hendi made for the perfect person to create this club. “I was a criminal justice minor in school, so I did take a lot of criminal justice classes. I was really interested in criminal psychology, so I took a lot of classes on that.”

She has the perfect insider information about the court process and about the business side of criminal justice and law that gives the members an interesting, yet realistic, knowledge of the subject.

Approximately 50 students squeeze into room A220 on club days to talk about the details of the cases.

“I just really think that it is very different from other clubs and mostly from school. There is a lot of debate about convictions and about the people, so it makes it fun and interesting when learning about the cases,” freshman Carmen Conlon said.

Hendi is getting a planning committee together to help better organize meetings and discussions. Hendi has big plans for the future of the club which includes guest speakers.

“I recently just texted my friend who is a secret service member and he had been on the Trump and Obama detail so he’s going to come in and we’ll probably get K-9 out here. Our SRO Deputy Mostellor said that he could hopefully get a homicide detective out here.”

If this sounds like a club you would be interested in, or are interested in criminal justice and law, Schoology Message out to Mrs. Hendi on how to join.