Lancer Spotlight 2/11/22: JV Boys Basketball victorious in second falls match up against Urbana


courtesy of Charlie Chicovsky

JV Boys basketball warms up against Urbana.

by Avery Glynn and JP Lyons

On February 11 the Lancers were victorious in their second match up of the season against the Urbana Hawks. They won a thriller in a low scoring affair, 39-38. The rivalry game had fans on their feet as the JV boys won their eighth game of the season. 

The players needed a win after the Hawks beat them a few days earlier.  Players put their hearts on the line as they dove for loose balls, showed hustle, and cheered on their teammates. This win will hopefully boost the team’s confidence for the remainder of the season. This win was a huge improvement from their play in the game before.

The first time the Lancers went toe-to-toe against the Hawks was on February 8. The boys JV basketball team fell short against the Urbana Hawks by a score of 52-37. 

The excitement was off the charts as the team headed to Hawk territory in the most anticipated match up of the season.

The teams began the game by trading back and forth three pointers. Freshman guard Brandon Donaldson was the leading scorer at the end of the first quarter, propelling the Lancers with 9 points. The second quarter was just as tight, as both teams hit five three point shots. The Lancers held the game close in the first half but they couldn’t hold it together against Urbana’s fast and aggressive style of play. 

The Lancers had to emphasize effort as they headed into the locker room down eight points.

Brandon Donaldson ended up being the Lancers leading scorer at the end of the first half.

“We were pretty upset because we were down in the game and we wanted to come out and beat them in the second half,” said freshman forward Cory Clark.

The Hawks began to gain a lead after the first half, widening the gap between them and the Lancers. The Lancers did their best to come back, but they ultimately fell short.

Freshman forward Dylan Hodgson led the team in points during the second half.

JV Boys basketball heads to the locker room. (Charlie Chicovsky)


“We were pretty sad and down a little bit because we got beat pretty bad, but we’re looking forward to the next game and winning,” said guard Will Byrd.

The JV boys team look to continue building on their game experience and hard work in practice. The next game on their schedule is Manchester Valley on February 11.