Make your high school experience complete by joining a club


Tommy Moyer

SGA president Jack Dubro talks with French Honor Society president Sophia Schuller and vice president Olivia Hubble about joining their club.

by Mack Mullinix and Seth Moses

Welcome Class of 2026! When coming to Linganore, one of the most exciting things to do is join a club. During September, students may join a numerous list of clubs. These will be listed on the SGA website.

Early in September, students will receive a form in which to sign up for the club of their choice. Of course, students must have an acceptable grade level to join any club in the first place. Grades in the F’s and D’s will prevent you from joining, which is the same with after school activities as well.

A club fair will be held early in the school year to help students decide on a club.

Clubs will meet during PREP (and sometimes after school) depending on the club you choose.

Some clubs will give students a more relaxed environment to share opinions and things they like. While others will focus more on growth of character and learning responsibility.

Here are a few particular clubs to definitely check out:

Model U.N.

Model U.N. is a great experience for anyone interested in foreign relations. Meetings are centered around the debate on a certain issue from a selected countries stance. Students can explore the importance of debate and civility from the heated debates that may spawn from certain topics of intrigue. The club is run by Angela Smithhisler.


FFA (Future Farmers of America) is a club for those looking celebrate our agricultural community. One can do community service/shows, and can learn many core principles. FFA members meet once a month, and it’s a great leadership opportunity, no matter what your career path will be?

Academic Team

Academic Team is an intense trivia game. Challenging the limits of a students brain. Students are asked a series of questions, in which they must buzz in to answer. The team practices every Tuesday and Thursday in Mr. Hahn’s room. Anyone interested may join.