CODA: A journey of a girl’s deaf family and a dream that she’s chasing

CODA in sign language

CODA in sign language

by Leslie Zampier, Reporter

CODA is a movie based on a Ruby Rossi, a girl who grows up with a deaf family. She has to be the interpreter for her family while growing up. Her passion in life is music and singing. Her parents have not quite accepted this because her parents won’t be able to experience this with her. The parent/child struggle is magnified by the fact that she is her parents’ voice.  

CODA is the Best Picture Oscar winning movie for 2022. Actor Troy Kotsur won the best supporting actor for his performance as Frank Rossi (Ruby’s father), and Director Sian Heder also won her first Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay. 

“You guys have made such a wonderful and loving family on screen, but also offscreen,” said producer Philippe Rousselet during his acceptance speech at the Oscars.

Ruby Rossie (Emilia Jones) might look familiar from her role in Locke and Key series on Netflix and the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. The audience loves her because she can express her emotions very well when signing, which she learned for the movie, and she is a great singer. She also is really good at helping the audience understand what being the only hearing child feels like and how she is coming to the end of childhood. She learned ASL for the movie, but she looks like a natural.

Ruby was great at showing the audience how she was coming to the end of her childhood by stretching her dreams outside of her home. She was in a choir for her school and was wanting to go to a music and arts school to pursue her passion for music. She had to try to make her parents understand why singing and music is her passion. Her parents wanted her to stay home but they came to understand her dreams and helped her to pursue them. “CODA does have a double meaning in the title because it’s Children of Deaf Adults, but it’s also the end of a piece of music,” director Sian Heder told NPR’s Here and Now. “It’s a story about the end of childhood.”

Troy Kotsur, the actor who plays Ruby Rossi’s father won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. I believe he won this award because he was able to show great expressions and emotions through his expressive facial expressions. Without reading the captions, the audience can understand how he feels.

I had never heard of the movie and probably would not have watched it. I got Apple TV+ because it’s the only way to watch the movie. The movie made history by being the first Oscar for a streaming service. I’m glad I was able to watch the movie because it changed my perspective about what it’s like to be the only hearing child in a deaf family.

American Sign Language (ASL) is a very important language to learn. The language helps speak to the deaf and this makes it able for them to have a full conversation with deaf people. Learning sign language, even if not deaf, makes the deaf people feel appreciated because then they don’t have to just text or write down all of their conversations. They can have a face to face conversions. Sign language is a very easy language to learn, with the emphasis on finger signs and gestures. 

I think that this film made me understand more about the struggle that goes on between with experience of childhood ending to the beginning of a young adult life.

I definitely recommend this movie to people who want to learn more about deaf people and or know sign language and need a good movie to watch.