Lancer Spotlight 12/3/21: NHS hosts formal induction ceremony


Evelyn Stewart

Service Coordinator Mady Hull speaks to the NHS inductees at the ceremony.

by Daryn Rowse, Reporter

Those who are inducted into the National Honor Society aren’t just great students but also are great leaders. NHS honors students with great academic skills and a passion for giving back to the community.

The National Honor Society held their induction ceremony on November 22 where 62 students were inducted into the society.

Members of the National Honor Society moments before being Inducted. Officers Maeve Smarick, Madeline Hull and Kelly Alt are accompanied by Advisors Mrs. Jessica Baker and Mrs. Duraan Ecolono. (Madeline Hull)

The NHS officers spoke about their roles within the NHS organization followed by a speech from Mr. Aaron Burch about the importance of character and what it means to be a good student. He also described how important it is to reach out to your community and find ways to volunteer.

Principal Hanlon spoke about how proud she was of the NHS members.

Towards the end of the ceremony, Mrs. Durann Ecolano and Ms. Jessica Baker called up the inductees to walk across the stage while biographies about each student and what they are involved in were read.

Candles were lit in honor of the 7 pillars; purpose, scholarship, service, leadership, and character.

Grace Nam said, “I feel so honored to be accepted in NHS. It gave me confidence about myself because they chose me based on my skills and experiences. I’m looking forward to improving myself and learning more about NHS.”

Congratulations to Amelia Ablondi, Isabella Anderson, Delaney Andrews, Kelsey Bannon, Madelyn Beckman, Emily Bollhorst, Catherine Bowers, Ava Bradshaw, Lindsey Bruscia, Keira Burger, Genevieve Cretella, Alexandra Crosby, Gemma Davies, Garett Dickenson, Joseph Dorman, Madilyn Drury, Tobey Ellis, Piper Fabry, William Finn, Hadley Frazier, Olivia Fullarton, Matthew Germann, Amber Gilbertson, Molly Granger, Brayden Gregory, Abigail Hall, Mabel Heine, Conner Jackson, William Jordan, Jeffrey Joyal, Bryan Kennedy, Zachary Kiester, Danielle Koogle, Casey Landahl, Elin Lindstrom, Camryn MacKay, Mitchell Maher, Kayla Mathers, Elle McKinney, Emily Moore, Hannah Morin, Grace Nam, Megan Pauley, Ronan Perrone, Mason Porter, Anna Quackenbush, Helen Rankin, Martin Ratchford, Lily Reynolds, Bradley Rose, Malia Smaha, Sydney Spradlin, Evelyn Stewart, Brett Thomas, Camryn Thompson, Brady Vlha, Kyle Walker, Alexa Wetrogan, Cole Williamson, Jack Winkler, Chase Witmer, Mia Yim.