Lancer Spotlight 9/3/21: Club fair provides new choices for students


Marissa DePalma

Abbey Sovero (left) and Emma Pratchios (right) represent the newly formed yearbook club.

by Marissa DePalma, Editor

So many clubs to choose from! Which ones did you join?

The club fair was hosted in the courtyard outside of the cafeteria on August 31. Students had the option to explore club stations during their lunch shifts. 

“I walked around outside and looked at all the beautiful posters. It was really fun. I ended up picking eight clubs to join,” said senior Madeline Hull.

Of the thirty nine clubs, most participated and many students were walking around and signing up. The annual club fair allows students to be introduced to clubs that they may not have heard of. 

“I thought the club fair was a good opportunity for me to reach out to new people and present myself with new opportunities. This was my first club fair and I really enjoyed it, said freshman Mason Weatherly said. 

Using posters or talking to members of a club helps students get a feel for what club they want to join. 

“I decided to sign up for Cultured Cafe and International Cuisine club because I was drawn in by their poster. They also had a game where if you answered a trivia question right you got a piece of candy that was native to Mexico or Japan,” senior Catherine Bowers said. 

The event was outside, so people could take off their mask if they wanted, since there are no FCPS rules for wearing a mask outside.