Lancer Spotlight 10/18/21: Architecture takes over photography


courtesy of Jackson Enos

Jackson Enos takes a picture of a old barn

by Leila Gibril, Editor

Buildings have a story and photography is a good way to tell it.

In early October, Photography 1 worked on an architecture shoot. They took pictures of any type of building they could find within the criteria.  With those pictures, they took them to the computer and edited them using Photoshop. 

 This shoot was their first in color.

The specific architecture to be photographed were interior, exterior, dramatic lights and shadows and detail.

Many students took eye-grabbing pictures of their home, cities and abandoned buildings.

Mrs. Georgia Geisser said, “It incorporates color, landscape and structural components.”

Lots of students had to incorporate principles of design and composition into their photos. Some compositions that were popular among students are high angle, low angle, and rule of thirds.

Freshman Taylor Droneburg said, “Buildings that I live around seemed to really stand out to me more.”

Nature will also stand out to you more when you take photography, everything around you could be a perfect image.

Taking Digital Photography 1 can really open your eyes to your surroundings!