FIFA 22 Review: Volta mode is back in FIFA.

Germany wins in the World Cup in the EA Sports FIFA 22.

Nathan Reinfurt

Germany wins in the World Cup in the EA Sports FIFA 22.

by Nate Reinfurt, Reporter

FIFA 22 is a soccer game produced by EA Sports. It is a very good game with all sorts of fun modes like Volta, Pro Clubs, and Career mode.

Career Modes

One mode is career mode which I already knew how to do based on YouTube videos. So I go to managerial career mode and considering that EA focuses on Ultimate Team which I will get to later. It’s good, considering they usually copy and paste the same modes into the next edition each year.

The mode has everything anyone would normally would expect in a professional soccer game like the transfer windows, the actual competitions, managing both club and national teams, all the way to the transfer hub, scouting, training, and youth academies.

What’s new to FIFA 22 is create your own team, crest, kits, and stadium from scratch. Simming the game is quicker to sim and can skip games and go through transfers quicker than ever. Overall the game mode is very fun.

Player career mode looks like FIFA 21. It has qualities normally seen like player upgrades, cosmetics, being able to compete in competitions, and national team opportunities.

As with managerial mode, it has the same things like sim through career mode and sim through games, but EA still insists on training to make it realistic, which is understandable, but they should give the option for players not to train without ruining their relationship with their manager. Overall it’s a good mode, but feels it like copy and paste(which means to just take what you had in a mode last year, and basically put into the next game with the only thing changing being the colors).

Next we move on to the money maker of this game, ultimate team. As I am writing this, there are 29.6k viewers watching @Castro_1021 open FIFA packs because he knows that this will not only bring him to higher competitions in ultimate team, it also really is the number one thing on Twitch. When looking on Twitc,h it shows the top ten streamers and all that is seen is FUT playoffs, ultimate team, and pack openings.

Microtransactions, are some of the worst things ever introduced to video games because it usually doesn’t let people just pay once for the whole game, and, instead, anyone who wants to compete has to pay more and more just to get the full details on a game mode like Ultimate Team. 

Volta Mode is back and has new game modes like Squad Up, Arcade and Adventure mode. It is a very fun game mode to play, with different types of content in it if the consumer is bored with all the other modes. 

Gameplay: EA did a good job for not making this EFootball and butchering Messi and Ronaldo’s faces because if the game butchered the faces, it would become the lead skit on SNL.

First of all the gameplay is a lot different than other sports games. The game has different scoreboards for different competitions the consumer is competing in. Seeing soccer balls go through players makes the consumer question sometimes why the game exists, but the soccer ball going through the body doesn’t happen a lot.

Also the Hyper Motion which definitely makes the game feel normal and feels real.

Pro Clubs

Pro Clubs are some of the funniest content anyone can get on FIFA. Seriously, this is one of the best additions ever for a game, and I hope this stays in future FIFA editions.

Pro Clubs is where anyone can play with a club that has your friends and other people. Clubs can climb through the ranks of FIFA Clubs and be on top of the world if they so desire–or troll people by being a pain.

It is also funny because anyone can use it for content because whenever a content creator is playing and recording, they are bound to get highlights of people raging or just being ridiculous.

Overall, this one was one of the best modes, and this is one of the very few modes you can play all day long.

Final Thoughts

Good games are usually copy and paste these days. I would rate this FIFA edition an 8/10.

Overall this game is very playable and very fun.

FIFA 22 will be the final FIFA produced by EA sports according to FIFA. This is what they said. “FIFA is bullish and excited about the future in gaming and esports for football, and it is clear that this needs to be a space that is occupied by more than one party controlling all rights.”