Movie theaters air old movies while struggling to attract audiences


Erich Miller

Movie theaters struggle to find patrons willing to attend in person.

by Keifer Spore, Editor

During a time of great caution many people might think twice before going to a packed theater. With the coronavirus pandemic still in full swing many are left wondering if it’s smart to watch new movies in theaters. 

Movie theaters around the country have spent months closed due to the covid gathering rules. Since the theaters have been closed, they have lost a substantial amount of money. Some theaters have lost upwards of $500 million. Now that Covid rules have been relaxed, theaters are allowed to be open once again. Although theaters now have a way of making revenue there haven’t been any real blockbusters since the re-opening. 

Director Christopher Nolan’s Tenet PG-13 is one of the biggest movie releases since cinemas have reopened. Tenet has currently grossed nearly $300 million worldwide, but in order to just break even with production costs it will have to reach at least $800 million. 

Class of 2020 graduate Bailey Spore recently attended a screening of Tenet at Tysons Corner. Spore had been waiting months for this movie to release since it had been delayed from its initial release date of July 17. After months of waiting, Spore wasn’t happy with how the masks interfered with his experience. 

“I didn’t notice the mask towards the beginning of the movie, but at the end I could feel my face covered in sweat,” said Spore.

To combat the lack of new movies in some theaters, the new Warehouse Cinemas in Frederick are showing older movies. Jaws, The Empire Strikes Back, and many other old movies are getting screen time.

Kyle Kops is the General Manager at the Frederick Warehouse Cinemas, which recently opened because of the covid restriction lift. Not only is Warehouse showing older movies, but they are being shown for cheaper prices since not everyone can afford full priced movies right now. 

“We had planned to open much sooner than we did, but we were ready around late July,” said Kops. 

Although Warehouse Cinemas didn’t open when they initially planned, they would benefit from this delay.  On opening day ,Warehouse was on the list of the busiest theaters in the country, placing sixth overall. Recently, Governor Hogan paid a visit to Warehouse to present an official governor’s citation. 

Junior Joey Dorman recently visited Warehouse Cinemas for a screening of The Empire Strikes Back

“It was a good experience, The theaters were clean, and you didn’t need to wear a mask if you’re eating, and that didn’t bother me because the seats are pretty spaced out,” said Dorman. 

Not many people seem sure if they like the “new” theater experience until they try it, so maybe more people should. Although people will be skeptical about attending theaters for a while, theaters don’t have to worry too much anymore since they’re finally open again.