Ms. Monopoly Creates Controversy

Grace Truedson

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On September 10 2019, Hasbro Games announced their attempt to promote gender equality: Ms. Monopoly, The first game where “Women make more than men.” 

In the game, Hasbro introduces players to their new mascot Ms. Monopoly, replacing the classic “Monopoly guy,” an overweight man with mustache and top hat, with his niece, a modern “hands on hips” girl who’s goal is to invest in women’s inventions.

Instead of buying property like the original game, Ms. Monopoly has players collecting inventions created by women. The company hopes to get more people talking about these incredible women and their inventions, and many people love the idea.

Now that we have Ms. Monopoly more people will know about people like, Ruth Graves Wakefeild (The inventor of chocolate chip cookies), and Stephanie Kwolek (The inventor of Kevlar, one of materials used to create bullet proof vests).

“It’s important for young girls to see that they have power,” Junior Anna Choudary

Although Hasbro wants to promote the idea of women inventors, fans of the game are split about the new rule changes which favor female players over the male. While passing “Go” players collect $240 just for being female,while male players are stuck with the original $200.

“Even though it’s helping the gender gap, switching the rules so females have more money isn’t right,” junior Tatum Pugh said. 

 In fact 90% of students don’t agree with the new game’s rule changes.

Some Lancers will just stick with the classic board game, while others want to avoid it altogether.

“Boycott Monopoly,” Junior Ilias Smith said.

However 60% of students are willing to look past the “sexist” rule changes and buy the game anyway in hope to support these inventors.

Ms. Monopoly is now available on Amazon and in stores for $20.