Wolfpack makes shirts inspired by manager Jimmy Clements


courtesy of Dawn Aburto

Jimmy and the team wear their new shirts before departing for the state match.

by Grace Corbitt , Editor

The wrestling team surprised manager Jimmy Clements with matching “Big Nasty JC” t-shirts on the morning of the state match.  Even better, the wrestlers told Jimmy he was going with them to the state contest.  Clements and his Wolf Pack must be lucky indeed, as the team came away with a second place title at states.

The team surprised Clements on the morning of the state event in Mrs. Mary Cate Henry’s Learning for Life class. Jimmy said he has been obsessed with wrestling since 2010. Knowing his love for wrestling, the team was more than happy to name him manager.

Clements joined the team about two matches into the season. He was in charge of keeping time in the wrestling room and picking out the music for practices.  He selected motivating WWE themed songs like “The Rising Sun.” He would also travel to the team’s matches for support. Clements takes pride in being their number one fan.

Jimmy wears WWE clothing almost every day and is obsessed with anything involving the World Wrestling Entertainment media company.

He made his interest in WWE apparent to the team, which gave them the idea to make Jimmy his own wrestling shirt. Jimmy had designed the shirt, and the team wanted to actually produce it for him.

Dalton Pearl, a member of the wrestling team, took control of getting the shirts made. His mom also helped out with production.

The shirt had a wolf on it which represented Jimmy’s all time favorite wrestling group called “Wolfpack.” It also featured the WWE-styled wrestling name that Jimmy picked out for himself : “Big Nasty Jimmy Clements.”

“The name is something Jimmy picked out a long time ago if he ever made it big in the WWE, but to us he already has,” said Earl Blake, three-time state wrestling champion.

Clement’s parents, Allison and Clayton Burgee, were extremely grateful that the wrestling team did this for their son.

Clayton Burgee said, “All of this has definitely been a wonderful confidence booster for Jimmy.”

The team presented the shirts to Jimmy and they all wore them to the state championship match. Jimmy said that getting his own shirt and getting to go to the states wrestling match was “absolutely wonderful.” The team bond goes even further than the wrestling room. The whole team has planned to go to Clements’ house in April  to watch Wrestlemania 35.

“I wish the team the absolute best for the future!” said Jimmy.

As well as wrestling, Clements likes film and media. He has recently become a part of the daily announcements team. He enjoys filming and being part of the JB show. Clements plans to continue working for Lancer TV.