Students create puns using the unit of chemistry, “moles”: Photo of the Day 12/17/19


Elizabeth Rajnik

Several of the mole projects created by students in Mr. Stair’s honors chemistry.

by Elizabeth Rajnik, Editor

On December 9, students in Mr. Scott Stair’s chemistry class turned in their finished mole projects. Now you may be asking, why moles? A mole is a unit amount in chemistry that is equal to 6.022×10^23. A mole, as in the unit in chemistry, is spelled the same way as a mole, the small furry mammal with a star-shaped nose.

As a fun grade booster, Stair gives his students the option to create a project using a “play on words” to incorporate the word “mole” into an everyday concept, food, word, phrase, movie, etc. Stair gives his students a template to sew their own moles, to create their one-of-a-kind project.

While this may sound easy, as all students could technically turn in “guaca-mole” and call it a day, Stair gives extra points for originality. If a student creates a project using a play on words that he has not seen in the past 21 years, Stair will make the extra credit worth more points. For many, this means “challenge accepted.”

Stair grades the moles based on of three parts: completion, originality in the semester and originality overall. He thinks it’s a fun way to incorporate a silly project, still slightly related to chemistry, in his students curriculum. 

Grace Coccagna’s Monster’s Inc. themed mole project.

Junior, Grace Coccagna, created a mole project. Her theme was “Mole-ster’s Inc.,” a play on words to the infamous Pixar movie Monster’s Inc.

“It was a fun and creative way to add a twist to the usual chemistry assignments, like labs,” said Coccagna. “I know how to sew, so this was a really easy way to get a few extra credit points.”

Is Mr. Stair’s chemistry class on your spring schedule?  Start thinking ahead. You definitely don’t want to miss this extra credit opportunity.