Independent living bakes cut-out cookies: Photo of the Day 4/22/19


Thomas French

Shelby Rauh (left) and Olivia Myers cut cookies out of the dough and prepare to bake them

by Thomas French, Reporter

On April 15, 16 and 17, Mrs. Kate Lane’s first period Independent Living class baked cookies to celebrate spring break. Everyone made the sugar cookie dough and icing from scratch.

The baking started on Monday, when each kitchen made their cookie dough. After it was made, the dough had to be chilled overnight.

On the second day all of the students cut the cookies out with cookie-cutters, and then baked them. Mrs. Lane then demonstrated how to make the icing for Wednesday. The cookies were cut into shapes like flowers, carrots and stars.

Students used royal icing, as it would fill the cookie and harden after a short period of time. The icing was made out of powdered sugar and water.

When asked, Shelby Raug said, “My favorite part of making the cookies was icing them. They were very good.”