Donating blood and saving lives at the bi-annual blood drive: Photo of the Day 11/1/19


Gabby North

Angela Smithhisler stands proud after donating blood.

by Gabby North, Reporter

On October 30, the Student Government Association ran the bi-annual blood drive sponsored by the American Red Cross from 7:30-12:00. Roughly community members, staff and about 20 students volunteered to donate blood, collecting 25 units of blood. One unit of blood will help roughly three people, so as many as 60 lives will be impacted.

“My mom is a nurse and she is always telling me me stories so, I wanted to donate my blood for people in need. Not that I don’t need my blood but, for people in crashes or surgery,” said junior Emma Davis.

In the past several years, the turn out for the blood drive has been steadily decreasing. Many students don’t donate because of fear or simply because they’re turned away.

“Even though I donated last year, I got deferred from the blood drive. My donation was rejected because of complications with my blood,” said junior Olivia Pietanza. 

“I wanted to donate blood, but I was unable. I was disappointed but I’m hoping to be a donor in the future,” said sophomore Caroline Hobson.

If you missed your chance to donate this time, there will be another blood drive in the spring. You can also go to the American Red Cross website to find a blood drive near you.