Creative Writing holds survival character draft to prepare for short stories: Photo of the Day 10/3/19


Norko points at a student with the highest bid.

by Ashley Martin, Managing Editor

The scenario is that the world is ending and the ship leaving Earth only has seven seats left on the ship. Which out of the characters would each group bring onto their ship? Students prepared for the draft by creating characters and putting them up for auction. Before the bid the students were given time to come up with strategies within their groups.

On September 25 , Damon Norko and student teacher Crystal Newmeyer’s creative writing class held a character draft that had students bidding for a character in order to save them in an apocalyptic situation.

As bidding began, students were given cards 1-7 in order to bid. When they used a number, they could no longer use that number throughout the bidding process.  They used whiteboards as if they were actually at an auction.

At the beginning of the bidding, students saved their high number cards on characters they thought would get them through the world apocalypse. Many groups were biased to the characters they created themselves. As the auction went on, groups got more competitive, and the bidding got more challenging due to the decrease in bidding cards.

Senior Emily Cole said, “We had so much fun choosing characters that aren’t our own to create a whole new plot line to a different story.”

After the bidding, the creative writing class will write a detailed a reflection on how the characters they chose will survive after the world has been destroyed.

Published stories will be on The Watermark