Drama deep in rehearsal for spring musical “Beauty and the Beast”: Photo of the Day 2/9/19


[left to right] Mr. Dan Lake assists Ashley Perise (Enchantress), Natalie Roth (Young Prince) and Beau Cameron (Student Director) with the prologue

by Thomas French, Repoter

On February 6, the cast of the musical Beauty and the Beast worked on the prologue with Mr. Dan Lake, the assistant director. Natalie Roth (Young Prince), Ashley Perise (Enchantress) practiced the setting of the curse with the two student directors Maggie Clugston and Beau Cameron. With the musical in its second month, the focus has been on bringing the music and lighting into the performance.

Hanna Dufresne, the stage manager of the production, said, “The most fun part of being the stage manager is definitely working with all the people, because everyone is amazing, and we couldn’t do any production without anyone there.”

Jacob Blue, who plays Lumiere, the candlestick, said, “It [the show] holds a special place in my heart, because, this was the first show I ever did [at Windsor Knolls MS]. Being able to do this show again, with a bigger part, it’s just really awesome.”

There have been some difficulties bringing this musical to life. Clugston said, “Other than the snow days, which there have been a lot of, it would be the dance numbers because they are big, and there is singing and dancing involved.”

Beauty and the Beast tickets are available and will be shown April 11, 12 and 13.