Spring journalism class holds Paper Plate Award ceremony


Mrs. Natalie Rebetsky

Journalism assembles for a group photo displaying their Paper Plates Award.

by Leah Bolger and Keifer Spore

On May 20, the members of the spring 2019 journalism class participated in a celebratory ceremony called the Paper Plates Award.  This event honors each individual student’s talents and is a good way to close out the seniors’ last day and their recent achievement of a Best of SNO Distinguished Site. 

In order to prepare for the ceremony, first year and advanced students divided into two groups and chose someone in the opposite group to make an award.

These awards could be anything that the student felt properly represented their chosen classmate, whether that be funny, serious, or honorary. The celebration also included refreshments shared with the rest of the class.

Braden Weinel
Jacob Bolger awards Tommy French the “Bright Future in Journalism” award.

“The Paper Plates Awards are a great way to get the entire journalism class involved and to recognize the hard work of others,” said Jake Bolger, Editor-in-Chief of the Spring 2019 class.

Many of the awards included hilarious inside jokes and meaningful memories of the seniors. Bolger was awarded the “Paragon” award for his dedication to the class.  

On the day of the ceremony, journalism students set aside work to celebrate their accomplishments. Students were called up one by one to present a plate to their recipient.

Bailey Spore
Elizabeth Rajnik presents Braden Weinel with the “First Journalism Couple to get Married” — an inside joke.

“The Paper Plate awards are really fun to remember the class as a whole and celebrate the hard work that we put into each story,” said third-semester student Julie Walker.

Bailey Spore and Bailey Bennett each gave the other the “2nd Best Bailey” award–teasing each other about who is the most promising journalist.

Braden Weinel
Bailey Spore awarded Bailey Bennett the “2nd Best Bailey” award.

Journalism teacher Mrs. Rebetsky was awarded the “Our Driving Force” plate. Reporter Sierra Rossman was awarded the “Happy to Help” plate. Managing Editor Emily Webb was awarded the “Go to Girl” Plate. Editor Alexis Fowler was awarded the “Kill Them With Kindness” award. Reporter Emily Watson was awarded the “Layout Queen” plate. Reporter Elizabeth Rajnik was awarded the “Loud and Proud” plate.

Braden Weinel
Julie Walker presents Emily Love with the “Poetry Whiz” award.

The journalism class is excited to start their new semester in the fall and hopefully become a Distinguished Site for a fifth year in a row.