Athletic Coaching: Lessons for Life


Matthew Gelhard

Coach Dylan Miller and Suscha Campbell play tee ball.

by Matthew Gelhard, Managing Editor

Andrea Poffinberger’s Athletic Coaching class utilized their coaching knowledge to create a lesson for the Learning for Life program. In preparation for the experience, a tee-ball game in May, a practice was held in the auxiliary gym. Poffinberger’s students covered six different activities: a warm-up, hitting, throwing, fielding, catching, and a cool down.

Lessons also provide one-on-one interactions between coaches and kids.

These students also provide the physical activity for the Little Lancers, the preschool held at the school. These P.E lessons coached by the Athletic Coaching students give the kids a chance to develop their gross motor skills in a exciting and enthusiastic environment.

Each week the students learn a different motor skill. Coaches converse and compile a lesson plan that entails: safety precautions, accommodations/modifications, and a detailed description of their activity. This way coaches can learn how to write a plan to prepare for coaching experiences in the future.

Dylan Miller, senior Athletic Coaching student, said, “This experience shows how important it is to thoroughly plan, how to handle misbehaving athletes, and give clear and concise directions to others. These skills an transfer from a sports environment to real life. ”

During the semester, students went through various coaching exercises to refine their skills. This included activities as simple as directing a partner to make a PB&J, to as complicated as directing a reenactment Micheal Jackson’s Thriller dance.

“These exercises taught the students  to be clear and concise with their directions. The more descriptive you are with you directions, the easier it is to understand for the person receiving directions, “said Morgan Fink.