JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo is best anime of the year


Screenshot from Episode 4

by Christian Dorsey, Reporter

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Last month on The Lance, there was a review of the Demon Slayer anime. When reading this article, one would get the idea that this was the best anime of this year. That is simply wrong. A new anime is airing on Toonami that puts Demon Slayer to shame. Absolute shame. Ladies and gentlemen, this is only show that you must watch before you die– JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo (also known as Golden Wind).

This is not your typical anime, as it doesn’t take place in Japan. This show takes place in Italy, where a criminal organization is on the rise, and it’s using bizarre supernatural powers to control the businesses and politics of Napoli. It is known as “Passione,” and it is led by a mysterious figure who works from the shadows, known simply as “The Boss.”

The only thing that stands in their way of their complete takeover of all of Italy, and maybe even the world, is a group of gangsters being guided by the determination of Giorno Giovanna, who wants to take back the city he loves from the clutches of drug-dealers and powerful mafiosos using their “Stands” to maintain absolute control. Giorno also has a Stand, Gold Experience (also known as Golden Wind outside of Japan), which can create life from inanimate objects. He uses this ability to fight those who stand in the way of his dream of becoming a “Gang-Star.”

Giorno cannot accomplish this dream alone, and there are others who despise the boss as much as he does, such as Bruno Buccellati, who gets Giorno into the gang, knowing that he has a chance of ending the boss’ reign of terror. Fighting alongside with Bruno and Giorno are Narancia Ghirga, Leone Abbacchio, Pannacotta Fugo, and Guido Mista. They, too, are Stand users, with Buccellati’s Sticky Fingers, Narancia’s Aerosmith, Abacchio’s Moody Blues, Fugo’s Purple Haze, and Mista’s Six Bullets. (Stands are usually named after songs, bands, and musicians from Part 4 onwards)

The true beauty of this show comes from its mix of action, adventure, and horror. Many fights in the JoJo series incorporate these elements seamlessly. Tension turns into suspense with a cliffhanger at the end of the episodes, making you anxious for what happens in the next episode. It always makes me want to say “Wait, what’s going to happen? I need to know!” After the suspense of the cliffhanger comes the episode after, which resolves the cliffhanger with a climactic fight, and then that episode also ends with a cliffhanger, introducing a new enemy at the very end, repeating the process of tension and suspense.

(Get ready for spoilers.)

The best example of this is the beginning of the Black Sabbath fight in Episode 3. In the first moments of Episode 3 of Vento Aureo, we see the aftermath of Giorno’s fight in the previous episode. Just when you think Giorno can rest, we’re introduced to Polpo, the man who runs the Passione initiation process. The initiation appears simple at first glance: keep a lighter lit for 24 hours, then return it to Polpo. Unbeknownst to Giorno, the lighter holds a secret. After Giorno keeps the lighter hidden from police and another Stand user, it seems like Giorno has the initiation in the bag. But then a splash of water puts the fire out, and the lighter’s real purpose is revealed. After it is relit, it activates Polpo’s Stand, Black Sabbath, and kills the only witness to the incident besides Giorno. And then… The credits roll. The episode ends on an ingenious cliffhanger. It truly is one of the best moments in the season, and it puts the viewer in suspense.

I love this show. Every time I watch this show, I need more. Part 6 hasn’t even been announced yet but I need it right now. Even after watching the 39 episodes of Part 5, I still won’t be satisfied until the next season. I simply cannot get enough of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. I rate Vento Aureo 6 out of 5 stars.