White Rabbit Gastropub: An hidden eating adventure for two


Classic marinated steak with house cut fires

by Jacob Blue, Reporter

On January 14th I intended to take a girl on a date to the White Rabbit Gastropub. Our intentions were foiled after not being able to find the restaurant in the dark Frederick streets, forcing us to seek refuge in a nearby pizza place. So, if you intend to impress your date, make sure you know where the restaurant is.

The White Rabbit gastropub is a fresh late night taste, tucked away in the back pocket of downtown Frederick–18 Market Space.  It’s hidden behind the Church Street parking garage. Christopher Hubbard and Kenneth MacFawn opened doors in April 2017. Hubbard is a 1999 LHS graduate.

After my first missed attempt, I went again to the restaurant with my mother–and that was just fine.  We found the restaurant behind the  On first entering the gastropub, warm colors of red and brown fill your eyes giving a first impression of walking into an old relative’s home.

The bar area is on the first floor, so we sat on the second floor in the dining section. Brunch had just ended, so we had to ordered off the evening menu.

To start, we got a bowl of crab poutine which is fries covered in hand-pulled mozzarella cheese and crab lump bechamel. The fries came overflowing out of the bowl. After making to the white sauce at the bottom of a bowl, we asked ourselves how we were going to be able to finish our main courses.

The dining area was full of quiet background chatter. I hate sitting, waiting for your food in mostly quiet or complete silence or in a loud commotion. Having calm and relaxing background chatter provides the dining area with a nice atmosphere.

I ordered a classic marinated steak with house cut fires over a layer of peppercorn dijon cream. My mother ordered the chicken biscuit sandwich with a sweet tea brine, cheddar, house pickles, and marinated in Carolina gold sauce.

Our food came 10 minutes after we finished our appetizers, giving our bellies just enough time to settle down and get ready for the main dish. At first glance, the meal looked too good to be real, like something you’d see in a magazine. I asked for my steak to be cooked medium rare. My first cut was a little too rare for my liking, but I ate it anyway.

The second cut was one of the best-flavored steaks I’ve ever had. It was chewy with a zingy combination of medium rare juices and an arrangement of savory spices. Every bite was a mouth-watering vacation for my tastes buds.

The fries that came with the steak were somewhat bland. The majority of my fries didn’t have enough seasoning on them. I recommend getting the ginger soy dipping sauce on the side for your fries. It’s sweet with a tiny kick at the end.

My dining partner Michele Blue said, “Nice decor and ambiance, delicious food and great dining experience.”

Even though I was dining on my mother’s dime, we both agree that it is reasonably priced.

Personally, the White Rabbit is a place to bring your friends to chat and eat tasty food after a late night movie or concert. The warm atmosphere provides this new dining establishment with a charm that most new gastropubs lack. I look forward to bringing my friends and trying their acclaimed weekend brunch.

The Frederick News Post reviewed this restaurant on December 13, 2017.