JV boys soccer vs. Urbana ends in rain-out


Andrew Lyons

Adam Liston reels up for a straight shot into the goal, right as the rain began.

by Andrew Lyons, Reporter

On October 4, both teams hustled out onto the pitch in high-spirits, and for good reason. Fierce rivals with Linganore, Urbana had beaten JV each game for the last five years.  The lightning was real and in spirit as JV won 1-0.

Linganore was going strong early, with #26 Adam Liston pushing up the field and narrowly missing a goal five minutes into the first half. JV followed up with #16 Oral-Anthony Coleman with yet another close goal.

In a skirmish, the ball went in the air and #13 Kyle Wiegand retrieved it and ran down to shoot on goal when a defender started pulling and tugging on the back of his shirt, resulting in a penalty. The penalty kick was taken by #22 Austin Jarosinski, who scored the goal in pouring rain, bringing the score to 1-0.

The game was called in the first half due to lightning,

Wiegand said, “I was super motivated and also ready to play. I wanted to win after a five year losing streak.”

These shared feelings were carried on throughout the game. Even when a light drizzle became a roaring downpour, they still looked to the bright side.

Wiegand said, “It [the rain] cooled us down and didn’t stop us from being aggressive.”

The teams spirits really took a hit when the announcement was made that the game was to be canceled due to weather.

Jarosinski said, “I was frustrated because our team was playing well and we would lose our momentum. I wanted to see how it would have turned out.”

The next game is October 8 away against Thomas Johnson.