Forensics class sets up and investigates crime scenes: Photo of the Day 9/11/18


courtesy of Bailey Spore

In forensic science class, Bailey Spore tapes off the area of the imaginary crime scene.

by Grace Gaydosh, Managing Editor

On Friday, September 7 and Tuesday, September 11, Ms. Jessica Baker’s third period forensics class created and filmed their own crime scenes. They learned how to investigate a crime scene and how to collect physical, chemical, or biological evidence.

Junior Bailey Spore’s group did a fake drive by. They collected blood evidence and a hair sample. “One of the most important things we had to do was wear gloves,” said Spore. (Students do not use real blood–it is a mixture of corn syrup and food coloring.)

Senior Matt Gelhard’s group created a fake stabbing. Junior Madie Beck’s group invented a scenario where a runner would get stabbed, and they collected biological evidence from that.

“I like this project because it helps give me more of an understanding of how to collect evidence,” said Beck.

Investigation practices are an important part of the class and the first skills they learn.

“I would rather see a student do something practically and show me what they have learned rather than write a paper about it,” said Baker.