Eight students plan travel to Nicaragua for mission trip


Courtesy of Emily Wolfe

Emily Wolfe with orphans in Nicaragua.

by Catie Jo Tansey, Reporter

In the summer of 2018, students, Haley Stone, Jake Santis, Haley Closs, Rachel Freeman, Garrett Reese, Reilly Kidwell, Brooke Weiffenbach and Emily Wolfe, will be going to Ometepe, Nicaragua with their church as part of a mission trip.

For this trip, 25 people from Damascus Road Community Church, consisting of adults and children, travel to Nicaragua bringing help and hope to the people there. As part of their trip, they participate in construction projects, like building sidewalks and bus stops, putting roofs on homes, and creating water filtration systems. They also do community outreach, like vacation bible schools, baseball camps, and playing with the orphans.

Jake Santis, a junior who has been on the trip twice, said, ¨Going on this trip has changed my life both times I went. Seeing people with so little have so much joy is amazing.¨

The people of Ometepe, Nicaragua experience poverty greater than anything seen in the United States. Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in the world with 50% of all Nicaraguans living in extreme poverty. Basic necessities, like food and shelter, don’t come easily to them. Despite living a challenging life, the people remain joyful. When Damascus Road Community Church visits once a year, the people of Nicaragua are grateful.

Junior Reilly Kidwell said,  ¨It’s crazy to think how much of a difference we make on these people and their lives.¨

While actively working hard rebuilding the community, Damascus Road Community Church also brings the word of God. They travel door to door preaching to the people. They also create bible schools to allow the orphans to experience God in an entertaining way.

Garrett Reese said, ¨The children in Nicaragua love learning about God. The orphanage they stay at is a Christian based and learning about God helps to give them faith.¨

The people attending the trip stay in cramped, hot, bug-infested rooms, but would do it again in a heartbeat. Going to Nicaragua is a once in a lifetime experience, which teaches them to be thankful, and hardworking, while being able to work with the children and have a good time.

Emily Wolfe, who is attending for the second time, said, ¨The first time I went I was terrified. I almost backed out, but I could not be more thankful that I went. It will forever have an impact on my life.¨