Cut Footloose: Success of 80’s favorite depends on foot stomping fun

The cast of, Footloose strikes a final pose in the number, Still Rockin

courtesy of Mike Miller

The cast of, “Footloose” strikes a final pose in the number, “Still Rockin”

by Mackenzie Berry, Reporter

The Linganore 2018 school musical, Footloose runs from April 26th-29th. The show contains a vast amount of energy, and will leave everyone stomping their feet.

The show itself revolves around dance, and the cast members manage to show off their dance moves.

All of the choreography is created by director Angela Smithhisler and Macy Armagost, student choreographer and cast member. 

Since the show itself revolves around dance, the choreography is not simple. The show includes a variety of different dance moves ranging from simple lifts to double turns. One of the featured dancers in the show, Ashley Perise, gets a  solo in the first number, “Footloose,” in which she executes multiple complicated turns, followed by cheers from both the audience and the cast. 

Perise said, ”

One of the most high energy dances in the show is, “I’m Free / Heaven Helps the Man.” It is one of a few times in the show when the actors travel off of the stage and into the audience. This is followed by the cast running onto the sides of the house, under the spotlights, as they chant, “I’m Free.” It is a wonderful way to end the first act of the show, and gives the cast a really good chance to interact with the audience.

The actors and actresses have a variety of shoes to assist with the look of the dance and the steps that they take. These shoes range from character shoes, to cowboy boots, to Converse, and they all come in a variety of colors based on the scene. Lead actress, Presley Dougherty (Ariel), wears a pair of bright red cowgirl boots.

Doughterty said, ”

One of the most interesting dances in the show is the finale. It contains a variety of dance styles, including the cha cha, prom dancing, even some 50’s and 60’s style dancing as the maternal figures and adults in the show attempt to show off their skills. Natalie Roth is Eleanor Dunbar, and she is a hoot to watch when she and the rest of the “moms” display their rusty dance skills. All of the characters strike an incredible final pose, that never ceases to lead towards thunderous applause. 

Smithhisler said,

The cast and choreographers have worked incredibly hard to put this show together, the amount of effort put into dancing is not as easy as it looks. Make sure you come and see Footloose April 26th – 29th.