Lancers celebrate Spirit Week

Christian Nolan celebrates Way Back Tuesday–he wore the his father’s letterman jacket.

by Catie Jo Tansey, Ashley Nash, and Rachel McCoy

Spirit Week is beloved part of homecoming.  Many students, especially the seniors, dress up to the extreme. This year’s Spirit Week was 10/1-10/5. The themes included Pajama Monday, Throwback Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday, Class Color Thursday, and red, black, and bow day on Friday.

Each time someone dresses up for a spirit day their Class gets a point for school spirit. The total points are made up from hill painting, banner, and spirit week. On red, black and bow day each bow counts as one point for the tally.

The grade with the most points is rewarded the spirit stick at the pep rally. Winning the spirit stick is a point of class pride.

The winners of the stick is normally the seniors, but there have been cases the seniors do not win. The senior class this year has came in last place every other year. The seniors do their best to win, but with their record, the win was not guaranteed.

However, the seniors have the bow dress on their side. The bow dress has been a tradition at Linganore for as long as anyone can remember. A member of the flute section wears the dress and decides who will wear it in the upcoming year. The bow dress is a dress that has the year in number of bows. For example, this year the dress has 2,019 bows on it. Each year, the bow dress gains one more bow. Since each bow is a point, hopefully the bow dress often gives the seniors enough points to pull off a win.