Class of 2022 leaders selected to speak at Distinguished Graduate Ceremony


Elizabeth Anderson

Class of 2022 speakers, DGO winners and dignitaries pose for a photo of the ceremony.

by Erich Miller, Josh Tidd, and Elizabeth Anderson

To be a freshman speaker at the Distinguished Graduate Organization ceremony is an honor. Ten freshmen are selected to introduce parts of the ceremony.  

India Ismael introduced Shannon Hammond, the Business honoree.

Chris Ramirez introduced Col. David Meyer, the Public Service honoree.

Bradley Rose introduced Karen Seyler, the Arts and Humanities honoree.

Denver Brown lead the pledge to the flag.

Daniel Etherton lead the recognition of the guests on stage.

Aiden Bruce spoke about the history of the Distinguished Graduate Organization.

Mary Bailey introduced Robert “Bo” Eskay, the Athletics honoree. Bailey said, “I was a little nervous but very humbled that I was nominated. They’re all really sweet and nice and did a lot in school.”

Emily Watson introduced Mike Chavez, the academic honoree. Watson said, “ I was nervous but excited. It was a nice experience to have my friends there. I did have to read a longer portion, but I think I did pretty well.”

Sam Johnson introduced Curtis Asbury, the sciences honoree.

At the end of the ceremony Kelly Alt read the class challenge.  Alt said, “People can do more than they think they can do, It [the ceremony] challenges them to think outside box, and the dermatologist Curtis Asbury, he was funny, too.”

Most of the freshmen speakers are nervous every year. Public speaking is an important skill that some people are able to learn. 

 It is a tradition that the freshmen are the speakers at the DGO event because the assembly is for the freshman class.  Past speaker Elizabeth Rajnick said, “It was a nerve-racking experience but fun nonetheless.”

At the end of the assembly, Principal Nancy Doll challenged the class of 2022 to do great things a help their family and their community. One day they may be distinguished graduates

The teens who spoke were all nominated by their teachers, and many will use this first leadership responsibility to build their resume of high school success.