Sierra Burgess is a loser . . . and so is her movie


by Kendall Martin, Reporter

On September 7 a new romantic comedy movie Sierra Burgess is a Loser came out on Netflix. I do not think it is worth your viewing time. A girl named Sierra Burgess (Shannon Purser) who is smart, but unpopular, and made fun of for her body size, is texted by Jamey (Noah Centineo). Jamey thinks he is texting a hot cheerleader Veronica, (Kristine Froseth) that he met earlier at a restaurant. Sierra, being as lonely as she is, can’t help but text back. Soon they begin texting each other every day and getting into deep conversations over the phone.

Sierra is afraid to tell Jamey who she really is because she thinks he will not like her for her appearance. She ends up making a deal with Veronica to help her out. The two of them start making plans and helping each other until the whole lie unravels.  

I was very excited for this movie to come out because it had Noah Centineo in it as one of the main characters. Centineo is also in a newer movie To All the Boys I Loved Before and he did a great job playing the character. In my opinion,his performance in To All the Boys I Loved Before overshadows this Netflix movie.

I was expecting this movie to be fun and enjoyable to watch, but I got bored halfway through. I could guess what was going to happen at the end fairly quickly. The trailer had already summed up the whole movie. Sierra Burgess is a Loser is a 5/10 in my opinion.

On Rotten Tomatoes the average rating for Sierra Burgess is a Loser, is 65%, and the audience rating is 40%. On IMDB they rated this movie a 6.2. I agree.

In general I think that they definitely could’ve done a better job with the making of it. It was to much like other teen movies. The popular girl and then the unpopular girl team up and you can always just guess what happens at the end. I would not recommend this movie to watch because it did little to keep my interest.