Music Review: A Place To Call Home by Andy BaLcon



by Mason Eddins, Editor

A Place To Call Home” is a solo song written by Andy BaLcon. The musician is a member of the Heymoonshaker duo. The duo is currently touring France.

The song is organized well and the chorus is sung in places where it fits. The lyrics do not jump all over the place, so the song keeps a cohesive story about teens becoming young adults that is easy to follow. The overall performance is great with a good rhythmic beat.

I think this song has the potential of going big and becoming very popular. Teenagers and young adults can relate to the lyrics. BaLcon sings about people needing a place to call home, hence the song title. The main message is about teenagers moving out and living on their own as young adults.

The chorus is an earworm, you´ll be singing along with song. My favorite lyrics of the song would have to be “We are young. We are able. We just need a place to call home.”

The genre is indie with a rock influence. The song is one smooth tune all throughout. BaLcon’s vocals are confident and distinct. The instrumental and the vocals do not drown the other.  As for the instrumental melody, it is balanced and rhythmic. BaLcon is a very creative and skillful artist, especially when he is working with Dave Crowe in Heymoonshaker.

I would like to believe that the deeper meaning of the song is how young adults are trying to survive in the real world. People who like smaller musicians in the indie/rock genre may enjoy “A Place To Call Home.” Compared to his other songs, this song would have to be one of BaLcon’s more well composed songs. His last solo album was released in 2012. I found BaLcon through Heymoonshaker when I was looking for a good indie band to listen to.

I think Andy has grown in his ability to produce music. Another of his newer songs is “Stand Up”, he collaborated with Tilka for this song. I think is another one of BaLcon´s songs that is fantastic to listen to. I would recommend “A Place To Call Home” to anyone looking for new music to listen to.