Cut Footloose: Pit band adds to musical excellence


courtesy of Mrs. Angela Smithhisler

Macy Armagost, Presley Dougherty, and Samantha Buntman rehearse, “Holding out for a Hero.”

by Mackenzie Berry, Reporter

The 2018 school musical, Footloose runs from April 26th-29th. The show contains a vast amount of energy and will leave anyone in the theater on the edge of their seat.

When it comes to putting a show together, it is much like the pieces of a puzzle. There are many different aspects that are put together before opening night. One of these pieces is the music, including the vocals of the actors and actresses and the pit orchestra, which is under the direction of Mr. Damon Dye. The score features plenty of 1980’s hits. The pit orchestra joined together with the actors and actresses on April 16th for their first run through.

When it comes to Footloose, there are many upbeat songs bound to lead the audience to snap their fingers. A few you may recognize include, “Footloose / On any Sunday” or, “Holding out for a Hero.” Both of these are sung by phenomenal leads, such as Class of 2019 Presley Dougherty (Ariel), and Class of 2020 Jack Maerten, (Ren)

“Can You Find it in Your Heart” is a song sung by the character Vi (played by Eilis McCormick). Throughout the song, she demonstrates how upset she is with how her husband has changed throughout their marriage, how his career as a preacher has taken over his life, and how she misses the man she married. The song leaves the audience longing to help her situation.

Eilis said, “I enjoy the sentimentality of the song.”

Samantha Buntman, who is “Rusty” in the production, said, “My favorite song is ‘Holding out for a Hero.’ The song is so jazzy and fun and is just a whole fantasy in itself about the perfect guy.”

The pit orchestra features a variety of instruments, including the alto tenor and baritone saxophones, flutes, guitars, drums, a piano, etc. The majority of the pit members have a favorite tune to play in the show, with a few of them performing featured solos.

Luke Hackworth, who will be playing the baritone saxophone, said, “It’s a lot of fun because you get to share the experience with your friends and make music and experience what it’s like to be in a musical like all those on Broadway.”

Although the musical aspect of a show may look easy, the process of putting music together is more difficult than it looks. There is much more involved than simply memorizing lyrics and notes. There are many things such as dynamics (how loud or quiet the music is), articulation (how long or short a note is held, and how a person delivers it,) and balance (making sure no one is overpowering someone else unless it is necessary) that are incorporated into every song. 

Mr. Damon Dye works hard to make sure that every note is the correct pitch, everyone has their lyrics memorized, and the pit sounds crisp and clear. This show is unique because compared to previous shows, such as The Sound of Music or Anything Goes, the orchestra is more modern, and contains a variety of “rock and roll” instruments as opposed to your typical violin and trumpet. The majority of the music is upbeat and is guaranteed to leave your toes tapping.

Make sure you come and see Footloose April 26th – 29th. Seats are selling quickly, so make sure you go buy your tickets at , or at the door. The show is relatively family friendly, with a bit of mild language and violence.