Flags, sabers and rifles: Indoor color guard begins new season: Photo of the day 12/3/17


by Jacob Blue, Reporter

On December 2, indoor color guard tryouts sorted the participants into  Gold (JV) or White (Varsity),

Summer Gravley, Brianna Reyes, Megan Suggs, Marie Potter, Rachel Stonestreet, Ronin Tecle, Sami Kohout, Paige Detwiler, and Natalie Blue are members of the Gold guard

Caroline John, Caitlyn Cook, Caroline Etherton, Payton Hull, Ashley Perise, Vicki Suggs, Melissa Skaife, Presley Dougherty, Olivia Kreuzberg, Olivia Wallace, Emma Houstin, Grace Wyttenbach, Laurie Boughn, Toby Morseman, Annie Watson, and Cierra Carpenter are members of the White guard.

KIDA (Keystone Indoor Drill Association) sponsors the guard competitions. The season for Linganore’s guard teams starts with their first competition February 3 in Waynesboro.

This year students from Oakdale High School didn’t have enough participants to compete this, so the Linganore guard has offered to join the two groups, mixing students from both schools.

Oakdale color guard member senior Emma Houstin said, “It’s a weird feeling; I’m glad to be competing because I love color guard, but it’s different doing it with a different school. The girls from Oakdale and I have to start over in a way, and that is challenging, but still fun.”